Emergency Services

PCCEO provides Emergency Services to eligible clients. Rental assistance is given to persons who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Emergency food vouchers are given to families and individuals who do not receive regular allotment of food stamps from the Illinois Department of Human Services. Emergency lodging may be provided to eligible applicants but will not exceed 14 days. All emergency services provided by the Emergency Services program are used only when all other available resources have been exhausted.

The Emergency Services program coordinates with local landlords and public housing agencies to avoid evictions. The program also provides housing counseling.

Emergency third party transportation may also be provided to individuals for emergency appointments, drug counseling and treatment, employment and referrals to other social services.

All clients must meet income eligibility requirements for Emergency Services assistance. Emergency assistance under this program is only given once in a twelve-month period for any of the services offered.

For more information, contact PCCEO, Inc at (309) 671-3900.

2019 Income Guidelines (Annual Income)

Family Size 100% of Poverty Level 125% of Poverty Level
1 $12,490 $15,175
2 16,910 20,575
3 20,780 25,975
4 25,100 31,375
5 29,420 36,775
6 33,740 42,175
7 38,060 47,575
8 42,380 52,975

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